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Beautiful Thought

My life … Odd and increasingly strange,
So much I have befriended strange.
I have become one with strange.
A state my little mind,
has stopped trying to reconcile let alone comprehend.

I jus know that in chaos’ grip, thoughts of you, vivid as a video clip,
looped to the evening and dawn. Like the rising of the sun,
as winter’s frost thaws,
so my heart soars.
All thanks to you … My Beautiful Thought



I in Music


You see music was her drug of choice.
Her favourite drug …

I would be her pusher!
I would provide the fuel that fired her imagination, the engines to her shuttle,
Transporting her soul,
On trips across the stars.
Maybe, just maybe even to heaven.

I would be her pusher, hoping she wouldn’t overdose on the product.For as long as i could, I would push to her.

See, I wanted to push her,
Into a parallel universe where …
She and I were …
One and the same
Flying high off our opium.

I wanted to be the rhythm to which she danced.
The sounds which gave wings to her soul.
I wanted to Be the music …


Ultimate High

Hey … Um … Hi
Sorry to bother you but I
Am feeling a li’l low on High
Wish I were really High
But I’m not so bright … I
Haven’t the foggiest idea
Of what … I
Am trying to say except I
Want you … To have that High
With or with out I

I love you my …
Ultimate High

The Ecliptic Dance

May I have this Dance?
Child give me your hand,
And without another Glance;
Give us this Chance
Come on baby … Let us Dance

Ours is an Ecliptic Dance
Hold my hand young Lass
And with our entrance,
Let us mesmerise and entrance
And hope per chance
We’ll never stop this dance
This … Our Ecliptic Dance

Ecliptic this Dance is
Like the Earth and Moon’s is.
Around the Sun they cruise
As we around the obvious
Hypnotic this Dance is

We dance in a Figure Eight
This Dance is Infinite
Only in the middle we meet.
Beautiful is the figure we create
So till next we Meet,
Lest we forget …
This Dance is … IT!

Ecliptic is what I call it
As the solar and lunar eclipse
Great spectacles,
Eventually happen with ease.
I Hope we to shall eventually … Dance
This … Our Ecliptic Dance,
With the greatest of ease

This Our Beautiful Ecliptic Dance

Naff 2005/07/22 … N.I.A


Seeking devine intervention,

Better yet Inspiration …

I rest assured my search is never futile

For the promise is ever fertile.

Yes … She is Nubile  


Then He Said …

I know I may not be the love of your life nor your first.

Those are records i want nothing to do with.

If I must I’d rather be your LAST.

The last to honestly make you want to love again,

To honestly love you for who you are

And not what you look like.

The last to make even the most imperfect situation


just because you know you can trust them.

The last person you’d keep the truth from,

The last person you’d want to be without.

The last person you could ever imagine going through life without.

Taking To Flight

Man has many a dream,many a desire, a want n a vision.

Takin to Flight is a mere dream, 4 man hath no wings.

Immortality a far fetched fantasy.

Mortality’s but a sickening reality.

Yet … When i speak to, laugh with you … I feel both are within my entity.

For when i an with you, impossible is but a tall tale meant to scare little children.

For when i’m with you, reality bows to my every whim, gravity holds no power over me … I am Immortal … When i’m with you