Monthly Archives: August 2014

Stand By Me


When I express my fears, my failures or shortcomings to you as my friend, my companion, my better half, my sister, my brother whatever our relation is. I am not asking you to pick up my slack or to convince me that “it ain’t so bad” or that “The lord works in mysterious ways”. Neither am I asking you to pick up my slack or pick me up. Granted a few positive words are appreciated, but all I really want is for you to accept that I will not necessarily agree with your outlook and I will not pretend I am not down in the dumps because you say so. We all deal with our own falls in our own unique ways and how I feel pain is not the same as you.

I need to recognize and understand just how far down I have fallen to get an understanding of just how far I need to climb back up. I refuse to go blindly. It doesn’t make me a negative person, but rather a realistic person. All I ask is that you continue being the best friend, sister, brother, whatever you are to me, and not try to “Pick Me Up” or live my life for me. Trust me if you insist you will get tired, you will get frustrated and you will end up resenting me. When all I really needed was for you to carry on being you and respect my being me and doing things the way I do me.