Missing a Dream


Longing …
Familiar unfamiliarities,
Distinct indistinct tastes & sensations.
Clearly visible almost tangible entities.

How is it that I have such strong memories,
Of the curve of your lip, and of your nose’s tiny wrinkle …
The slight glimmer, the glint in your eyes when you smile?

How do I recall the rain drops trickling, down your arms,
The sound of your laughter with the sound of rain as its backdrop?

How do I miss dancing,
Playing tag in the rain with you?
How do I remember helping you dry off and building fires under the stars?

I can see you,
I remember your scent.
I know the rhythm of your heartbeat.
And your breathing as you drift off to sleep.

I have watched you walk,
Seen you smile at the thought of us.
I have seen you, see me, watching you.
I know I have held you when it was cold, danced with you in your thoughts.

Yet we have never met.
So how is it that …
I long for things …
Familiar yet so unfamiliar?
How is it that I miss places I have never been,
Doing things that I have never done?
How is it, that I have this deepset longing …
For a heart that feels like Home,
A girl I have never held?


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